Monday, June 8, 2020

Register MO Voters

Before we start talking about absentee voting in Missouri, we need to make sure EVERYONE who is eligible to vote is REGISTERED to VOTE! 

Check Your Own Voter Registration. Seriously, even if you vote in every election. It's like the safety procedures on an airplane, first, check your own registration before you help others. Check your registration here.

2020 MO Voter Registration Deadlines:
For August 4, 2020, Primary Election --> Deadline is July 8, 2020
For November 3, 2020, General Election --> Deadline is October 7, 2020

Who Can Register?
Missouri voters must be United States citizens & Missouri Residents aged 18 or older.

When Should You Register?
• When you turn 18 (or at age 17.5 if you will turn 18 by Election Day)
• When you attain eligibility by becoming a US citizen or regain eligibility by getting "off paper" from a felony conviction
• When you move to Missouri from another state
• When you move between counties/election jurisdictions within Missouri (Example: If you move from St. Louis City to St. Louis County, you are no longer registered to vote and must re-register)
• Voters must register at least 4 weeks prior to the election date in order to be eligible to vote in that election (see deadlines above). There are limited exceptions for people who move after the voter registration deadline; those people should contact their local election authority or 1-866-OUR-VOTE (a non-partisan voter help hotline)

Keep Your Registration Current!
You should always be registered to vote at the address where you currently live, so make sure you submit address changes to the election authority (or re-register if necessary) every time you move.

Information provided by the St. Louis Metro Area League of Women Voters and the Missouri Voter Protection Coalition. I suggest following both of these organizations and The St. Louis Area Voter Protection Coalition for up-to-date voter information. 


1. Register voters on your own
Anyone can register voters providing you are at least 18 years old and a registered voter in Missouri BUT, you need to fill out the Registration Form for Voter Registration Solicitors and file with the Missouri Secretary of State. You are required to submit this every election cycle, which basically means every two years after the General Elections. 

Ask those around you if they're registered and have checked their registration. Friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers. Get into the habit of asking those you contact throughout your day if they're registered to vote, and if they're not, let them know how they can do so. And remember, Missouri is an open primary state so you do not register with a particular party when you register to vote.

2. Register voters with one of these organizations
Show Me Votes (Missouri Democratic Party)
You can search by county, house district, state senate district or congressional district to "adopt" voters who are not registered to vote. Just $2/voter will help fund the MO Democratic Party outreach to those likely voters and help them get registered. Fundraising through ActBlue makes it easy to support.

Rock the Vote
As the coronavirus pandemic disrupts the course of the 2020 election, Rock The Vote is spear-heading a summer-long initiative aimed at registering 200,000 new voters. The effort, "Democracy Summer" will include a series of trainings, campaigns, and events to register, organize and mobilize young voters. You can read more from CNN about this initiative.

Vote Save America
Created by Cooked Media, this site has a bunch of great resources to get involved with voter registration. I'm a big fan of the Adopt a Battleground State campaign that's focused on key states needed to win in November.

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