Monday, April 27, 2020

2020 MO Delegate Selection: 3 Easy Steps

Ever wonder how you get to be a delegate at the National Democratic Convention?
Well, it all starts right here at the local level. Here are the details of the process in Saint Louis City.

Things are a bit different this year as the COVID-19 pandemic has suspended in-person gatherings but read on to find out how YOU can participate in the delegate selection process and run to be a delegate if you choose.

Delegate Selection Process in 3 Easy Steps:

1. Verify the address where you're registered to vote, and which ward & congressional district you're in (you'll need it for ballot and filing forms)

2. Decide if you want to run as a State/National Delegate, or just vote for candidates who are running. Either way, you'll need to request your ballot here. You will need to affirm that you're a member of the Democratic Party and that you voted in the MO Presidential Preference Primary - DEADLINE MAY 2, 2020

3. If you're interested in running to be a State/National Delegate you will need to file here:

There are a few questions you'll need to be prepared to answer:
• Which candidate do you want to support? (Biden or Sanders)
• Demographic info, address, phone number, and email (yes, these will be shared)
• Do you want to be a delegate for the State Convention only? Or run to be a delegate at the National Convention?
• Will you be able to attend the MO Democratic State Convention? (June 13, 2020, *NOW VIRTUAL EVENT*) and/or the National Democratic Convention (Scheduled in Milwaukee, WI, August 17-20, 2020) You have to pay your own way for these events.
• Submit <200-word Biography

* If you run as a delegate in St. Louis city, you're running to attend the MO State Convention and then if you're elected as a State Delegate, you can then run to be a National Delegate.*

There's a ton more information on the MO Democrats Website if you want to learn more.

If you request a Delegate ballot, you should expect it in your inbox May 9-18. Ballots must be returned by May 18.

DID YOU KNOW? Carolyn was a Missouri State Delegate for Clinton in 2016 and would be happy to answer questions about the experience of attending a State Convention.

Friday, April 24, 2020

Safe Voting During a Pandemic

While the November 3rd Presidental Election is still 6 months away*, there are many things we can (and should) be doing right now to prepare for everyone to be able to cast their ballots on Election Day.

We all watched voters in Wisconsin on April 7th risk their health to cast a vote. There are now reports of 19 cases of COVID-19 in connection with voters or poll workers from that day. We can't let that happen again.

Don't' take my word for it. You should read this letter from Judge Mike Wolff. He makes a great legal argument as to why the current circumstances surrounding COVID-19 allow MO voters to vote absentee during the pandemic. (More specifics about absentee voting in MO under another blog)

The Missouri Voter Protection Coalition has published policy measures to ensure accessible, safe, and orderly elections in Missouri. You can read their full recommendations at the link above. 

Overview of Recommended measures for voting in Missouri in 2020 in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis include:
I. Expanded absentee voting by mail, including no-excuse absentee voting and elimination of the notary requirement. At a minimum, social distancing required by COVID-19 must constitute a valid excuse for any voter to cast an absentee ballot.
II. Advance voting before Election Day, allowing more citizens to vote over time rather than in a cluster on Election Day.
III. Bolstered online voter registration.
IV. Polling place modifications to ensure public safety consistent with the Center for Disease Control Guidelines and that ensure accessibility for voting populations that have traditionally faced barriers to the ballot.
V. Robust voter assistance and education.

ACTION ITEM: If you agree with the plan. You can add your signature now.

Want to learn more? 

• Here are the CDC Recommendations for Election Polling Locations 
• From St. Louis Public Radio " Do you feel safe going to the polls in the time of Coronavirus?"
• Follow the ACLU Lawsuit - Absentee Vote by Mail for all Missourians

*Reminder that there is a Special Election on June 23rd in Saint Louis, for Wards 4 and 12. There is also a Saint Louis City-Wide Election on August 4th, with important primary races such as City Treasurer, City Circuit Attorney, and Sherriff. As well as Primary elections for many House District Seats (including my Rep in the 83rd), MO Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, and our Congressional District 1. But it doesn't really matter what is on the ballot, the point is that every person who is eligible to vote should be able to, without fear of risking their safety.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

STL COVID-19 Resources

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5 Community Resources for those impacted by COVID-19:

1. St. Louis COVID-19 Mutual Aid Support
This is a way to not only ask for help if you need it but to provide aid to others. This isn't only financial support but coordination of other needs in the community as well.

2. Database of Local St. Louis Resources
Be sure to search the tabs on the bottom of the google doc to see specific resources for groups such as healthcare workers, elder support or trans/queer resources.

3. St. Louis and East St. Louis Resource Guide
Broad scope resources for both Stl and Metro East areas. It also has links to National Resources.

4. Financial Empowerment Resources from STL City Treasurer Tishaura O. Jones
Latest updates from the STL City Treasurer's Office and links to Facebook Live broadcasts on financial well-being.

5. United Way: Where to turn Resource Guide
United Way 2-1-1 compiled a snapshot of federal, state and community agencies providing assistance in all or parts of Missouri and Illinois.

Stay home, stay safe, and stay healthy! 

Monday, April 20, 2020

Carolyn McMahon: Progressive Organizer

August 2018 | Saint Louis, MO

Political & Election Experience

24th Ward Progressive Democrats - President (2018-19)
• St Louis Board of Election Commissioners - Roving Deputy (2018-20)
• 24th Ward Aldermanic Campaign Manager/Treasurer (2019)
• Building Blue Launch - MO Democratic Party, St. Louis Training (2019)
• #RunAsYouAre2019 - Presented by Vote, Run, Lead (2019)
• United We Stand Conference - Attendee (2017, 2018)
• Missouri State Delegate - Clinton  (2016)

Professional Life

• BFA in Advertising and Graphic Design
• Associate Creative Director
• Employed by a certified WBE Advertising and Marketing Agency in Downtown STL
• Owner/Designer Politipins (Etsy Shop)
• State of Missouri Notary Public

Activism & Memberships

• Feminist Majority Foundation -  National Clinic Access Project  (2019)
 • NARAL Clinic Escort (2015-2019)
MO Abortion Fund (Formerly Gateway Women’s Access Fund) Volunteer
• Gateway Women's Access Fund 2018 Volunteer of the Year recipient
Atheist Alliance Helping the Homeless STL Lead Volunteer/Organizer
• American Association of Notaries Member
• ACLU MO Member/Volunteer
• STL Not For Sale Volunteer
• American Humanists Member
• Planned Parenthood Advocates Member/Volunteer
• National Lawyers Guild Legal Observer
• Clifton Heights Neighborhood Association Member
• National Network of Abortion Funds Individual Member  
• SLMPD Citizens Academy Graduate 2014


24th Ward Resident since 2009, Carolyn currently resides in Clifton Heights with her husband who is an Army Aviation Combat Veteran.