Friday, May 29, 2020

Joining the Fight Against Racism

From right here in St. Louis to what we're seeing in Minneapolis, it's clear that racism is a problem. I think that many of us feel outraged but aren't sure where to start to be good allies and to help make our communities more equitable for all. 

As with so many complex issues, there are many ways to provide support both during times of unrest and every day. 

Photo credit: Richard Reilly

Community Support

Reclaim the Block - Community-Lead Safety Solutions in Minneapolis.

OBS - Organization for Black Struggle, STL - A group of veteran activists, students, union organizers and community members in St. Louis were seeking to address the needs and issues of the Black working-class. There are a number of great community resources on their website as well.

(Real Local Control and Effective Civilian Review) A grassroots movement fighting to ensure that local control of St. Louis police are based on the principles of citizen input and transparency.

Action St. Louis - A grassroots racial justice organization that seeks to build political power for Black communities in the St. Louis region. Action St. Louis builds campaigns that leverage organizing, communications, advocacy and direct action to mitigate harm against our community while fighting for long term transformation. Campaigns include Close the Workhouse, #WokeVoterSTL, Political Action, #WeCount314.

Jamaa Birth Village - A non-profit Midwifery, Doula & Maternal Health organization located in Ferguson, Missouri, and serving the greater St. Louis metro area.

The Sweet And - Mutual Aid Fund in St. Louis - Support the Sweet & Queer Solidarity Fund.

For the Culture STL - Directory of Black-owned businesses in Saint Louis you should support and community events.

Northstar Health Collective (Minneapolis, MN) - Mutual aid directory and resources for activists including support for street medics.

Potbangerz  (STL) - Fight injustice by uplifting the community, meeting nutritional needs, helping our unhoused families navigate their way to permanent housing, and advocating for them when they need it the most.

Black Visions Collective (MN) - Since 2017, Black Visions Collective, has been putting into practice the lessons learned from organizations before us in order to shape a political home for Black people across Minnesota.

Jail and Activist Support

Minnesota Freedom Fund - Bail support for Minneapolis.

Cleanup GoFundMe - Grassroots GoFundMe to assist with cleanup in Minneapolis.

Saint Louis Jail and Legal Support - Volunteer attorneys, legal workers, and community members committed to protecting the rights of people arrested when protesting for social justice in St. Louis.

National Lawyers Guild, STL - Has been working, through the courts and in the streets, to defend the rights of public assembly and public protest. You may know them by the green Legal Observer caps around actions.

STL Street Medics - publishing great resources for safety and medical aid while at protests.

Bail Funds & Legal Help by City - full list of jail support for cities across the U.S.

Supplies and Masks (MN) - Paypal donation link for Racial Justice Network.

Arch City Defenders (STL) - Legal support in Saint Louis.

Bail Funds - Nationwide - You can donate through ActBlue and have your donation split among 40 separate community bail funds throughout the country.

Anti-Racist Resources

Anti-Racist Organizing Collective - STL, Providing a joint analysis with organizers of color in the Justice Institute and our Accountability Team which can result in a set of shared beliefs in guiding our anti-racist organizing work. Many great resources and recommended readings on their site.

Anti-Racism Resources
- Document compiled by Sarah Sophie Flicker, Alyssa Klein in May 2020 – This is a great resource of recommended reading, blogs, movies, and organizations to follow. 

26 Ways to Be in the Struggle Beyond the Streets - Video resource for other ways to get involved.

5 ways to support Black Americans if you can't protest in person - Great list of other ways to get involved if protesting isn't a good fit for you. 

Media/Voices to Amplify in STL

St. Louis American - the leading, most-trusted voice of the area’s African-American community in Saint Louis.

Real STL News - We are an online news media outlet that concentrates on Saint Louis City and its surrounding areas. Real STL News is a team of community advocates that passionately bring awareness to the community of what is happening around Saint Louis.

Expect US - This page is for us organizers to connect with others and build bridges and connect with people in STL.

Teaching Children About Racism and Equality

Eye See Me - Our mission is to be a resource to parents, teachers, and schools in providing the very best children’s books on the market that promote positive images and stories about African American culture and history.

Your Kids Aren't too Young to Talk about Race -  Great list of resources for parents about how to educate children about race.

We Stories We Stories is a catalyst for change - in conversations, awareness, and choices: In Kids, Parents and Families; Communities, schools, institutions, and ultimately, in St. Louis.

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